Girls' Night In




I stumbled across this delicious, drool worthy recipe on Bon Appétit for frozen rosé after a friend of mine mentioned we would be having it her Cancer Council Girls' Night In dinner party this weekend. I was excited before, obviously, as it is going to be a child free night mingling with old friends and new ones. Throw in the fact we will be raising money to beat women's cancers whilst playing games and eating delish finger food. I'm pretty much salivating at the thought! 

I've never been to a Girls' Night In before so I'm feeling  excited! My social calendar these days usually consists of kids birthday parties, play dates, work meetings and the occasional date night. Trying to co-ordinate my group of girlfriends for a catch up is pretty hilarious and we usually end up seeing each other every couple of months. I'm so grateful for my friends and our catch ups, however brief or irregular as they help me feel sane and valued. 

Big love, Nickie