Opening night...

The nervous excitement brewed as we prepared for our big showroom opening launch. Our babysitter was booked, the caterers were organised, the food and drinks were to be flowing, and the guest list was steadily climbing over 130. Was I forgetting something, did the live entertainment have enough room, would people be impressed with our space? Would we lose power from the MASSIVE lightning storm that left half of Palmerston in darkness?!?

Panic subsided when we finished setting everything up and started to greet our guests. People were blown away and not in that fake social nicety way. Everyone was genuinely loving the space, especially the unique back lit Caesarstone island bench and furniture that Lach had worked tirelessly to create, despite my initial hesitations haha! People mingled, made new friends, connected with old ones and celebrated in our excitement. 

Builders were expressing their confidence in sending their clients directly to us to select their colours for their kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and bench tops. Local designers were buzzing about the stylish layout, creative vibe and our wide range of stone brands and cabinetry available. Architects were impressed with our range of abilities and creative expression.

Lach and I were speechless, literally could not form words to describe the joy at seeing and hearing so much positive and supportive feedback! Our hard work over the last 10 years is really paying off and we are crazy proud. 

Co-hosting the event with our fellow tenants, local business SOS Security Screens and Doors / Clearshield NT really boosted our confidence. Their clients were just as excited about the cool new graffiti proof security range they have in stock in Darwin. The cross exposure for our clients/future clients is limitless. Both our businesses are excited about working in the same office and showroom space. To be sharing the costs of rent and other overheads, we don't need to raise our prices and can remain affordable to the Darwin community. 

If you are near The Avenue one day soon, pop in for a coffee and say hi! I'd love to show you around and invite you to spend time being inspired to create something beautiful in your home.

Big love, Nickie