Master Builders NT do The Trader Bar

Awesome way to kick start the year and get us local businesses excited about submitting award nominations. I know the market is slow and times are tight but we are survivors. We're Territory tough. We adapt and overcome. Building and construction in Darwin is not over yet. Not by a long shot.

Hi neighbours!

We did it. It actually happened. We are officially all moved into our brand spanking new showroom! I have come into work on the weekend, both days, to work in silence mostly (sorry kids, Mum loves you but it is good for you to hang out with Dad) and to soak up the atmosphere.

NT News

As seen in the NT News. A humbling article about Northern Stone, celebrating our 10 years of being in business.                                                                                                                                                                                

Opening night...

Panic subsided when we finished setting everything up and started to greet our guests. People were blown away and not in that fake social nicety way. Everyone was genuinely loving the space, especially the unique back lit stone island bench and furniture that Lach had worked tirelessly to create, despite my initial hesitations haha! People mingled, made new friends, connected with old ones and celebrated in our excitement.