Hi neighbours!

We did it. It actually happened. We are officially all moved into our brand spanking new showroom and office! I have voluntarily come into work on the weekends, both days, to work in silence mostly (sorry kids, Mum loves you but it is good for you to hang out with Dad) and to soak up the atmosphere.

This whole thing is a dream come true, literally! I have worked in our loud, dusty, fully operational shed in Winnellie for the last 6 years. I've always taken both our two young kids to work with me since birth and battled through the noise of our saw, grinders and polishers buzzing away in the shed. Distractions abound, we still always produced quality work in a timely fashion, it just wasn't the ideal set up.

To say I feel like a new women now as I type this blog post from my new office is a total understatement! I feel positive, I feel productive, I feel excited, I feel proud of all our hard work to get here, I feel blessed. Too gushy? Forgive me, my excitement is palpable and I ain't afraid to share it.

This larger, cleaner and more organised office work space is doing wonders for my motivation to knuckle down and get my list of 'to-do's done. I've decorated lightly, wanting to keep my new mecca not too cluttered or distracting.

I'll stop talking about it, just come in and see for yourself. Do it, I've got great coffee and biscuits too.

Big love, Nickie x